THEANDRIC 2013 and beyond…

the ̀an ́dric (thė ̀ǎn ́drĭk)
a. 1. Relating to, or existing by, the union of divine and human operation in Christ, or the joint agency of the divine and human nature





Theandric began as the vision of one man, Paul Tiseo, a singer/songwriter, guitarist and bassist whose music is inspired by the pursuit of beauty and truth. In the words of the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI, “Music is, in fact, capable of opening minds and hearts to the dimension of the spirit and of leading persons to raise their gaze on High, to open to absolute Goodness and Beauty, which have their ultimate source in God. The joy of song and music is also a constant invitation to believers and to all men of good will to commit themselves to give humanity a rich future of hope.”  Tiseo strives to communicate these spiritual fruits of love, joy, peace and beauty through the gift of music. He includes among his influences a wide range of musical styles, including renaissance polyphony, Neapolitan folk music, heavy metal, and contemporary composers of sacred music such as Tavener and Part. Some of his favorite artists include Genesis, King’s X, Iron Maiden, Fr. Stan Fortuna, Phil Keaggy, and many more.

Tiseo grew up in the suburbs north of Detroit where he continues to reside. After completing his undergrad studies in psychology, he spent one year discerning a vocation to the priesthood at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit. After discerning that his call was to married life, he eventually earned a master’s degree in clinical psychology and works with troubled juveniles in the local community. He is a husband and father of three beautiful children, and he considers fatherhood the most rewarding and fulfilling gift of all! THEANDRIC’s goals for the future include performances in support of “The Door of Faith”  album locally and beyond, and building a strong connection with fans of Spirit-filled music worldwide. The name THEANDRIC was chosen for the project as it can refer to the harmony of Christ’s human and divine nature, but also to refer to our humble human efforts to cooperate with God in the creative process.

Elizabeth Esqueda
Elizabeth Esqueda (nee Mihalo) comes to Theandric with a strong background in liturgical music and a great love of sacred song and psalm. Born in Detroit, Michigan and raised in the greater metropolitan Detroit area, Elizabeth began singing for the church at an early age under the influence of her mother Carole, a church musician (pianist/organist and music director). Elizabeth’s first solo at the age of seven was well-known hymn Joncas’ “On Eagle’s Wings” at an elementary school talent show. She became a Catholic cantor at the age of 14 and has joyfully served the church in this way ever since.

 A graduate of Mercy High School, she continued her studies at the University of Michigan School of Music (Bachelor’s of Music-Voice Performance) and Oakland University (Master’s of Music-Voice Performance).

 As a freelance soloist and performer, she enjoys performing opera, operetta, oratorio and sacred works, as well as jazz, cabaret, musical theater, commercial voice-overs and collaborative crossover recordings. She is thrilled to be a part of Theandric and collaborate with Paul Tiseo, sharing his love for scripture and song as well as the desire to lift hearts and voices together with God’s people.

 A member of the National Pastoral Musicians, Elizabeth currently serves as Catholic cantor, section leader and professional quartet member at Blessed Sacrament Cathedral (Detroit). She is also a music worship leader for the interfaith Christian community Lex Orandi and a section leader at reform synagogue Temple Beth El (Bloomfield Hills).

 In addition to performing, Mrs. Esqueda enjoys teaching voice lessons, music classes and leading singer/cantor workshops. She maintains a private voice studio for students of all ages.

For more information, booking inquiries, etc, email: theandricmail@yahoo.com

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