2013 updates and “The Dream of Joseph”

Greetings everyone!

First of all, let me share our new single “The Dream of Joseph”, featuring the very talented singer Elizabeth Esqueda, with help from Larry Nagel on drums! 


As I mentioned in a previous post, these songs are primarily acoustic in nature, with an emphasis on vocal melodies.  I continue to find lyrical inspirations from the Sacred Scriptures and papal teachings. 

Meanwhile, I am still trying to connect with someone with a gift for video production to help me create and interesting and inspiring videos to accompany many of the songs from The Door of Faith.

As for studio recordings, we are making good progress, and God willing, we will finish the album in time for an early summer release…At this point I would estimate we have about 7 out of 11 songs complete.   As usual, my responsibilities as a husband and father take precedence over music, but pray to the Lord to bless me with the grace of perseverance. 

Also,  you can now find us on Twitter:


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May God bless you richly!


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