The latest news…

Hello all,

We have enjoyed the positive responses to the “Up the Irons” song and EP. Most of you appreciated the tongue-in-cheek tribute to Iron Maiden and understood the humor. Some of you appear to be die-hard Janick Gers fans. At any rate, we love you all. You are all God’s children, even if some of you are misguided.

In August, Paolo Tiseo and his wife welcomed their second child, so things have been quiet as of late. Actually, let me correct that – it has not been quiet at the Tiseo household. Instead of loud amplifiers, the sound of crying and giggling babies can be heard.

But do not fret. Plans are underway for a full length THEANDRIC release in 2012. The album will be a faithful and true example of Theandric’s sacred metal sound. Think Deep Purple meets Opeth meets Bach in the cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament. In the meantime, thanks for your good vibes and support. Stay Faithful and True.

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